Hi! I'm Alex and I am a Raleigh,NC located Presentation Specialist with a focus on live events. I also provide services as a Content Producer and Show Op. I have worked in the production industry for nearly 10 years. Working in Powerpoint, Keynote and Google Slides. 


My experience includes work in the Pharma, Tech and Medical fields including clients such as....


I am married to my fellow artist and HS sweetheart Mark and we share a newborn son who is named after my favorite font - Gotham. We have a small arc of fur babies as well (5 dogs and a cat). I'm a plant loving lady, who enjoys reading YA books and epic autobiographies, murder mysteries and anything fantasy. 


I am deeply passionate about animals, environmental issues and world politics. 

I am well traveled and love adventure!


PowerPoint and Keynote Presentation Specialist
Graphics Operator / Show Operator
Content Producer / Coordinator
Graphic Designer

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Alex is impressive, motivated and a heck of a talent. She can multitask like no one else I know, designs inspired graphics and still has time to dole out all sorts of advice to me. I’ve had the good fortune to work alongside Alex on large-scale corporate shows across the country and internationally. Not only has she become a close friend, but I’ve seen her graphics and organizational skills develop as she has taken on more responsibilities and leadership roles.

Michelle Michelson / HeyPrompster! / Owner & Teleprompter

...I would highly recommend Alex for any future projects.  She has a keen eye for design, is very diligent, definitely handles herself well under pressure and most importantly she's very affable and easy going.

David Morocho / Creative Director at DTDG / Owner & Designer

Alex is the Trifecta of professionalism! Creative, Dedicated,Indispensable. I have worked with her for several years for multiple clients and she is always the first go-to when starting a project. Hopefully cloning will be a reality soon so I can team up with a slew of Alex's.fable and easy going.

Mark Pressman / Creative Director at Digital-Jam / Owner & Designer

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